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What do we offer?

TechJane offers outsourcing services to web design and software companies. Our teams exist out of 50% professionals and 50% software engineering or graphic design students, depending on the assignment. 

Our mission is to create added value for our partners, as well as offer learning opportunities to our students. Techjane offers a cost efficient solution to our partners, as well as a high-quality guarantee of a professional end result. 

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Choosing TechJane means working with:

Up to date knowledge

TechJane employees have skills in different programming languages and CMS-systems, making our services flexible and easily implementable to the business flow of our clients. Our students and employees have a strong knowledge in the most commonly used back-end and front-end development technologies, which includes: Java, C#, .NET, C++, Laravel, CodeIgniter, jQuery, Ajax, Vue.js, React, Typescript, TailwindCSS, Django, SCSS, CSS and HTML. We are also very proficient in Android/IOS development, as well as Kotlin, Xamarin and Inoic.

We work from a client based perspective in terms of CMS systems, meaning we adapt ourselves to our client's needs. We have experience in the most commonly used CMS-systems, meaning WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Webflow, CouchCMS an eZ publish.


Our flexible business and pricing models make us the go-to agency for companies of all sizes. We work project based or at an hourly rate.

We strive for no nonsense, quick, efficient solutions and sustainable partnerships in which we offer a transparant work flow and a growing mindset. Each collaboration is unique and that's how we treat our partners, with unique solutions to their business model and problems. This makes for a passionate aproach, as well high-quality end results.

Our students are very ambitious and highly adaptable to new CMS-systems and other new technologies. After their graduation, our partners are free to hire them without an extra cost.

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Alexander Vandepitte

COO - co-founder


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