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What do we offer?

Techjane carries out web design and software development projects. We are a unique team consisting of experienced professionals and enthusiastic software engineering students who combine their knowledge and energy to put businesses on the digital map.

What makes Techjane unique is the balance between the innovative ideas of our students and the experience and expertise of our professionals. This allows us to deliver quality work to you at cost-effective prices.

Our services



Web applications

Mobile Applications

CRM development

ERP development

API development

UI & UX design

Choosing Techjane means working with:

An experienced, creative team

The team at Techjane combines the creativity of our students with the experience and industry knowledge of our professionals. Each professional also has a specific expertise that they fully focus on.

High-quality work is delivered at competitive prices. Moreover, the students are better prepared for the industry. It's a win-win situation for all parties involved.

Efficient workflow

At Techjane, we execute our projects efficiently, while ensuring sufficient written or verbal communication to form a perfect understanding of your business.

We gladly involve you in the development process so that we can incorporate your feedback and create a fantastic end result that you can proudly show.

Full package

Once your website is developed, it can be interesting to explore the services offered by our other brands.

We already have the necessary insights into your business, allowing us to collaborate with Stadio for the development and implementation of marketing strategies to provide you with interested customers.

During the development of your website, we already take into account the necessary considerations for these aspects.

Meet our team

Alexander Vandepitte

CEO - Founder


CTO - Co-founder

De Jonghe

COO - Co-founder


CFO - Co-founder

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